The Robot, with the Workbench.


Hi guys! I'm AspectGC. The owner of this server. If you'd like to support me please leave a comment on one of my videos! My Channel

I'm pretty much the coolest guys here. I am the worst builder on this server! :D


Prologue : Edit

The cold pitter patter on a hot summer day. It should be enjoyed. If only it could. The 2nd great war of Elendil raged on and on. The troops of Carthgas were falling. Endor moved forward. It was surprising how long Carthgas could last, but at this rate their flag would be burned down very soon. Blood stains on my shirt no longer have a scent to me. Who am I? I am writing this journal to keep myself from going insane. I am the Valkarie General of the armies of Carthgas. If I die, this book will be found, and I will die, so I have no doubt. The fire, and the water avatar will arrive soon. The cowards who ran away on a boat to those petty elves will die soon enough. The sand avatar is gone. He ran away. All the avatars are dead, or gone. Fire, and Water have aligned themselves with Endor. They are the two most powerful avatars, other than me. I am the avatar of earth. I will not go down without a fight. What is an avatar? An avatar is what the elemental lords decide to put their spirits in. When I fall the next person in line will become an avatar. A burden he’d have to carry. When I was born fate said I would die this day. Why follow fate? Why listen to it, when you can fight it?

The souls have aligned themselves. The whole world of Elendil falls into corruption. Even the mountains seem to whisper that we will lose. I am not crazy, but with the plan I thought of I might sound like it. This all started when Sislias took control of Endor. Possessed by Darkness. You can’t fight that avatar. It consumes you. Only I can do this. I am going to march into Endor, and channel a spell so strong only I can do it. If it works, I save the world. If it doesn’t, then I die.

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