Digison - The Early Years=== -Digison, a.k.a. Taylor Remus-Oliver Liamson, began playing minecraft in December of 2010. He player for 3 weeks and then, after overplaying led him to experience minor hallucinations, took a small hiatus, resuming in January with a newfound energy to build.

-He began his career as a professional builder when he was approached by an minecraft user (who shall remain anonymous) who asked him to work on his server. Digison then offered his services to anyone whom he deemed worthy... or had money to pay him.

Buildings on the ServerEdit

-"The Rusty Hilt": A favorite among both locals and tourist, the Rusty Hilt in the most prominent tavern in Sirius, offering up a wide variety of delicacies, from simple cake to their signature drink: The Lava Bucket. The tavern features a lovely balcony that spans along the outerwall and, if you're lucky, you might be able to go to the brewery downstairs and work the Goldstbreu.

-"Fort Ress": See the Fort Ress page for more information.

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