Sirius was a small town in West Elendil, founded by Simal. It was a happy town full of nice people who smiled all day. It was a cosy, little town, until Czar Pingir came. His troops stormed the city, slaying the people and raping their women. At Simals castle, he and Czar Pingir fought. The clinging of the swords echoed through the sandstone castle. Czar Pingir raised his sword to finish off Simal with a final strike. Simals armor was strong, but not strong enough. As Czar Pingirs sword penetrated the iron armor and dug into Simals heart, Czar Pingir felt a incredibly strong shock, followed by a loud bang.

He had been struck by lightning! He was weakened. but at the same time he felt stronger. As he fell to his knees, he screamed louder than a man had ever screamed before, shaking the forest to its roots. As he pulled his sword out of Simals lifeless body, a small lightning jumped from the tips of his fingers and into Simals armor. He was confused. had the lightning given him its powers?

10 years later...

2011-09-17 22.32.52

Simals Castle

The tall walls of Sirius, towering high above the city, casting dark, cold shadows, are raised by the evil lord, Czar Pingir. They are not for protecting the people of Sirius from intruders, but to keep the citizens from fleeing the miserable town. It is infested with thieves and whores. Rapists are spreading STDs and the thieves are stealing every penny from the poor citizens.

Their evil master takes their women when they cannot pay him the horribly high taxes. He keeps all the money and women for himself, and does not care for the poor town. They are forced to work for him, thickening the walls of his castle, from which he rules the city. Only a minor amount of people have managed to get outside the walls, but as soon as they leave the city, sharp arrows dig into their weak bodies, shot down by the guards who patrol the walls.

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